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US Immigration Executive Action 2014: Announcement

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policy text dictionary 136506074President Obama announced to the nation US Immigration Executive Action on November 20, 2014. Prior to that time, the President requested US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Johnson and Attorney General Eric Holder to undertake a rigorous and inclusive review to inform recommendations on reforming the US immigration system through executive action.

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US and China Extend Visa Validity Period for Business Travel, Tourism and Students

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Chinese Design Door

Chinese Design DoorBeginning on November 12, 2014, the United States and the People‚Äôs Republic of China (PRC) will each increase the validity of short-term business and tourist visas (B-1 and B-2 visas in the US) and student and exchange visas (F, M and J visas in the US). more »

DV-2016 Green Card Lottery Opens Oct 1, 2016

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lottery tickets 144332886DV-2016 Green Card Lottery online registration will begin on Wednesday, October 1, 2014, at 12:00 pm noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4), and will conclude on Monday, November 03, 2014 at 12:00 noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EST)(GMT-4). Be sure to check the DV-2016 Instructions before making your application. more »

Technical Problems with US Passport and Visa System: DOS Alert and Updates

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Flight Delays 93466101Since late July 2014, the US Department of State (DOS) has been experiencing technical problems with the US Passport and Visa System which has been having an impact on US passport issuance as well as US visa issuance at US Consulates around the world. Below is further information, updated as it becomes available, on this problem. more »

DHS Proposal for H-4 Spouse Work Authorization

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glittering background 112144808On May 6, 2014, DHS announced proposals for H-4 spouse work authorization (work authorization for H-4 spouses of certain H-1B holders), among other things, in an attempt to attract and retain highly skilled immigrants in the US. Specifically, on May 12, 2014, the DHS published two proposed rules: (1) to extend employment authorization to H-4 spouses of certain H-1B workers; and, (2) to enhance opportunities for highly-skilled workers by removing obstacles to their remaining in the US. Together, DHS hopes that these proposed rules will help attract new businesses and new investment to the US and ensure that the US has the world’s most skilled workforce. Note that DHS must obtain and consider public commentary before these proposed rules go into effect in accordance with administrative rulemaking procedures. more »