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April 2011

NSEERS: Designated Countries Removed

Filed April 28, 2011 under USCIS and DHS , tagged

Washington Monument, Washington DC 140256563On April 28, 2011, DHS announced removal of several countries from the Special Registration procedures under the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, known as NSEERS.  more »

US Embassy Cairo Resumes Visa Services

Filed April 3, 2011 in Green Cards, Temporary Visas, under US Consulate and US Embassy , tagged

Camelback at the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt medwt31062The US Embassy Cairo resumes visa services, both for nonimmigrant visas (NIV) and immigrant visas (IV) on April 10, 2011. Both nonimmigrant visa applicants and immigrant visa applicants whose appointments were canceled will be contacted for rescheduling of their appointments. more »


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