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General Immigration

Immigration Executive Action 2014

The White House Washington DC 144295039; Immigration Executive Action 2014Below is summary of President Obama’s Immigration Executive Action as announced on November 20, 2014. Some of the provisions discussed here require only memoranda to become operational, and others require agency regulation (the latter can be a lengthy process of 6 months or more) prior to implementation.

Note also that Congress and/or the Courts may block, amend, prevent or delay implementation of any of the actions listed below at any time prior to or after its effective date. more »

Immigration Glossary

Dictionary ED000049; Immigration GlossaryThe Immigration Glossary below explains how certain words are used in the US immigration and US visa processes, since these terms tend to be┬áspecialized terms of art, and may not have the same meanings as they do in every day language. more »

Immigration Penalties: Employers

Closeup of chain link fence 87710200; Immigration Penalties: EmployersEmployers have certain responsibilities under US immigration law during the hiring process, and penalties apply for violations of I-9 requirements. more »

J-1 Home Residence Requirement

Terraced Cottages UK 149958689; J-1 Home Residence RequirementThe two year J-1 home residence requirement restricts certain J-1 visa holders from changing to some other US visa categories until they can show that they have either satisfied or waived the J-1 Home Residence Requirement. more »

What Is Dual Intent?

US Nonimmigrant Visa; What Is Dual Intent?Dual intent is a concept–a legal fiction–used in US immigration law to determine whether an individual with a temporary visa or temporary visa status may be allowed to file a green card petition. more »


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