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B-1 Visa Business Activities

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business meeting 78483490; B-1 Visa Business ActivitiesWith rare exceptions, the B-1 visa for business is not to be used for any activity that could be construed as meaningful work or employment in the United States. The distinction between “meaningful work” and “business activity” is not a clear one. However, the Department of State (DOS) and USCIS have provided some guidance on this issue, which appears below. more »

B-1 Visa Honoraria

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Auditorium 145909784; B-1 Visa HonorariaB-1 Visa Honoraria payments and associated incidental expenses for limited usual academic activity or activities such as lecturing, guest teaching, or performing in an academic sponsored festival may be acceptable if they meet certain conditions. See also the related article on B-1 Business Activities. more »


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