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cohabitating partners

B-2 Cohabitating Partners

Manhattan Townhouses, NYC; B-2 Cohabitating PartnersB-2 visa classification is appropriate for cohabitating partners of long-term nonimmigrants to the US provided that the B-2 visa applicant can overcome INA Section 214(b), which requires a showing of a US visa applicant’s significant ties to her home country or to a country outside of the US. The Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) has been revised to expressly incorporate this long-standing Department of State interpretation. Note that as of June 2013, same-sex couples who are legally married now qualify for the same spousal immigration benefits as opposite sex couples, including qualifying as an immediate relative for green card purposes, or qualifying for nonimmigrant visa dependent status to accompany a spouse to the US for work or study. more »


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