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DoS and Visa Office

Visa Office Update: September 2012

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Delayed sign 96665029The Visa Office (VO) of the Department of State has announced that EB-1 visa usage is at a record high, that EB-2 India is likely to go to 2006 next month and EB-2 China will be somewhat ahead of EB-2 India; and that EB-2 worldwide may be current in October or November. more »

US-Russia Visa Agreement Effective Sept 9, 2012

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St Basils Red Square Moscow 115999506US Embassy Moscow announced that a historic US-Russia visa agreement to promote business and tourism between the two countries will enter into effect September 9, 2012. more »

FY2012 China and India EB-2 Limits Reached

Filed April 24, 2012 in Processing Times, under DoS and Visa Office , tagged , , , ,

Bamboo, China 154282631The annual Immigrant Visa limits for FY2012 China EB-2 and India EB-2 have now been reached. On April 11, 2012, the United States Department of State (DOS) notified USCIS that they would authorize no further Immigrant Visas for those EB-2 categories. more »

EB-2 Retrogression India, China: May 2012

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Ellora Caves, Maharashtra, India 126508043The May 2012 Visa Bulletin announces EB-2 retrogression for India and China. Due to the rapid forward movement of the EB-2 cut-off date in recent months, demand for China and India EB-2 numbers increased dramatically during that period, and at a much faster rate than the US Department of State (USDOS) expected. Therefore, they have retrogressed the EB-2 cut-off date to August 15, 2007, in an attempt to hold number use within annual limits while maintaining availability for countries that have not yet reached their EB-2 per-country limit. more »

EB-2 Priority Dates Retrogression: India, China

Filed March 23, 2012 in Processing Times, under DoS and Visa Office , tagged , , , ,

Forbidden City, Beijing, China 126963145EB-2 priority dates for China (mainland born) and India for the remainder of FY2012 will retrogress substantially, according to Charles Oppenheim, Chief of the US Department of State Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting.  More specifically, upon publication of the May 2012 Visa Bulletin, China and India EB-2 priority dates will retrogress to August 15, 2007. more »

EB-2 Priority Dates to Retrogress: India, China

Filed March 16, 2012 in Processing Times, under DoS and Visa Office , tagged , ,

Dragon sculpture, China 78254411EB-2 priority dates for India and China are likely to retrogress in the May or June 2012 Visa Bulletin, according to Charles Oppenheim, Chief of the US Department of State’s Visa Control and Reporting Division, which oversees visa priority dates. So, those with EB-2 priority dates that are current in the April 2012 Visa Bulletin should file the I-485 (the final stage of the green card process) as soon as possible to ensure acceptance before this probable retrogression.

DOS Halts Student Visa Issuance

Filed November 18, 2011 in Temporary Visas, under DoS and Visa Office, US Consulate and US Embassy , tagged ,

graduates 90840894Effective immediately (November 14, 2011), the Department of State (DOS) has temporarily halted student visa issuance (F visas, M visas and J visas) at all US Embassies and Consulates around the world. DOS has recently identified difficulties with its Consolidated Consular Database (CCD) communicating with the Student and Exchange Visitor Program’s (SEVP) Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). DOS discovered this issue November 14, 2011. more »

2009 Revised J-1 Skills List: Countries Removed

Passport with visa stamps 115014649In accordance with the new revised 2009 J-1 Skills List, which became effective June 28, 2009, several countries (see below) have been removed from the J-1 Skills List. more »

J-1 Skills List Revised

blue ocean abstract 145836450The US Department of State has revised the J-1 Skills List. The 2009 Revised J-1 Skills List will become effective June 28, 2009. (See also 1997 J-1 Skills List, as amended.) The J-1 Skills List is a list of specialized knowledge and skills deemed necessary for the development of a J-1 Visa holder’s home country. US Consular Officers use the J-1 Skills List to determine whether a particular J-1 visa applicant is subject to the two year J-1 Home Residence Requirement under INA § 212(e). more »

J-1 Waiver: Online Filing Required

Worlwide Information Exchange 101400031The Department of State’s Waiver Review Division (WRD) has announced that it will accept only online filings of Form DS-3035 for the J-1 Waiver as of February 01, 2009. more »


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