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FY-2011 H-1B Visa Petitions: First Filing Date

Calendar 140375290USCIS will begin accepting FY-2011 H-1B visa petitions subject to the FY-2011 H-1B cap on April 01, 2010 (the government fiscal year 2011 begins October 01, 2010 and ends September 30, 2011).

The H-1B visa petition filing date will be the date USCIS takes possession of a properly filed H1-B visa petition with the correct fee rather than the date of post mark. The earliest possible start date for FY-2011 H-1B visa petitions is October 01, 2010. Employers should consider filing as soon as possible after April 01, 2010, as we anticipate demand for H-1B visa numbers to be greater in FY-2011 than it was in FY-2010 due to improved economic conditions.

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