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AAO Processing Times

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Brass Hourglass 136634819, Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) Processing TimesAAO Processing Times show timeliness of Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) decisions. The AAO reviews USCIS adjudications officer decisions on petitions and applications for US immigration benefits in order to ensure consistency and accuracy in the interpretation of US immigration laws, regulations and policies.

Below are AAO processing times for Fiscal Year 2017 (FY2017), 4th Quarter, July through September 2017, posted on October 10, 2017.

The AAO maintains awareness of applicable case law to ensure compliance with current legal standards while also ensuring accuracy and legal sufficiency. When necessary, the AAO recommends publication of precedent decisions to clarify issues in the USCIS adjudications program.

The Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) posts their decisions online. But first, AAO forwards decisions to the USCIS Freedom of Information Act office to ensure redaction of personally identifiable or proprietary information.

The AAO Processing Times chart below shows the timeliness of AAO decisions for particular case types. Processing times are directly related to the AAO’s case volume.

AAO Processing Times: Timeliness of FY2017, 4th Quarter, July through September 2017 (posted October 10, 2017)

*”Current” indicates that the category is within the USCIS processing times goal of 6 months or less.