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TSC Processing Times: USCIS

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Grand Central Station, NYC 153487624 TSC Processing Times: USCISBelow is the updated USCIS TSC Processing Times chart as of November 30, 2017 (posted February 1, 2018), with Form Number, Form Name and Processing Times for all of forms processed at the USCIS Texas Regional Service Center (TSC). Note that not all USCIS offices process all types of immigration applications and petitions.

TSC Processing Times as of November 30, 2017, Posted February 1, 2017

If TSC is processing a particular type of application or petition in less time than the USCIS processing goal, processing times appear in months. For example, if TSC is processing naturalization applications in less than their 5 month goal, the processing time will state “Five Months.” However, if TSC is taking longer than their goal to handle a particular form type, the filing date on the chart (e.g., “April 10, 2003″) will be the last case TSC processed on the date the chart was last updated. TSC Processing Times charts are updated around the 15th day of each month.

Please note that processing times for Form I-765 (c)(8), based on a pending asylum application, only applies to an initial filing. The processing time for a renewal I-765 (c)(8) is 3 Months. Also, note that the processing times listed on the TSC Processing Times chart for the I-129 R Religious category are based on applications that require a site visit. The processing time for an I-129 R that has had a site visit within the last 5 years is 2 months.

The 90-day period for reviewing Form I-765 filed together with Form I-821D begins if and when USCIS decides whether to defer action in your case.

In addition to checking current processing times on this or one of the other USCIS Regional Service Center charts, you can also check your case status online.