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About USCIS Processing Times

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Pocket Watches 110908324; About USCIS Processing TimesThe pages in this section contain USCIS Processing Times. The USCIS Regional Service Centers handle certain employment-based and family-based US immigration applications and petitions as well as e-filings, but they do not provide US immigration information services.

Generally speaking, USCIS processes cases in the order they are received. For each application type, they have specific workload processing goals, i.e., naturalization cases within 5 months of receipt date, immediate relative petitions (spouse, parent or minor child of US citizen) within 6 months of receipt date. Case volume, priorities, political environment, internal agency issues and other factors can have an impact on the speed of case processing, making it very unpredictable. Processing speed can increase or decrease dramatically at any time.

USCIS processing times presented on this site are often at least a month old. However, these are the latest released by USCIS. So, keep in mind that they may not be entirely accurate at the time you look at them.

However, if you have already filed an application or petition, you can get an idea of how much longer it will take to process your case from the charts on this site. To read them, you will need to know the following:

  • The office where it has been or will be filed (or to which it has been transferred);
  • The type of application or petition; and
  • The date on which it was filed, if it has already been submitted.

If you do not know this information about a case you have filed, you can find it on the Form I-797 Notice of Receipt.

Each type of immigration application or petition form has instructions indicating that that particular case type is to be mailed to a particular USCIS Regional Service Center. The USCIS Regional Service Centers include: California Service Center (CSC); National Benefits Center (NBC, formerly the Missouri Service Center or MSC); Nebraska Service Center (NSC); Texas Service Center (TSC); and Vermont Service Center (VSC).

Case Status

You can obtain case status–as opposed to an estimate of how long it will take for USCIS to process your case–from the USCIS case status page. For example, from the status page, you can confirm that USCIS has received your petition, that it’s still being reviewed, that USCIS has sent a Request for Further Evidence (RFE), or that your case has been approved or denied.

To obtain case status, locate the Receipt Number (a 13-digit number) in the box on the upper left-hand corner of your USCIS Form I-797 Receipt. The first three letters of your Receipt Number indicate the USCIS Regional Service Center where your case is being processed, (i.e., EAC-11-111-11111). Use this number to determine estimated processing times for your case, or to look at your case status on the USCIS case status page. The first three letters indicate which USCIS Regional Service Center chart you should look at to determine the approximate processing times for your case.