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DV lottery

Priority Dates: Visa Bulletin

About Priority Dates and Cut-Off Numbers

Aztec Calendar Stone 147562088; About Priority Dates and Cut-Off NumbersPriority Dates are cut-off numbers that determine Immigrant Visa (permanent visa, or green card) availability in the numerically limited United States Immigrant Visa (IV) categories. more »

DV Green Card Lottery Cut-Off Numbers

Marked Lottery Ticket 95517748, DV Green Card Lottery Cut-Off NumbersINA § 203(c) provides up to 55,000 immigrant visas each fiscal year to allow immigration  for individuals from countries with low admissions to the US during the previous 5 years. The program reserves DV visas for winners of the annual DV Green Card Lottery. The charts below from the November 2017 Visa Bulletin show DV Green Card Lottery Cut-Off numbers. These are the Immigrant Visa Numbers available to DV-2018 selectees as of November 2017 and to December 2017. more »


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