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E-3 Australians

Work Visas

E-3 Visa: Australians

Sydney Regatta 140446842; E-3 Visa: AustraliansThe E-3 Visa is a temporary visa for Australian professionals who wish to work in the US. One of the E-3’s major advantages is the ability to obtain an E-3 visa directly from a US consulate without first obtaining an approval from USCIS. This makes the E-3 a much quicker, less expensive option for qualified Australians. A disadvantage is that an E-3 must intend to leave the US following completion of more »

L-1 Visa: Intracompany Transfer

L-1 visa intracompany transfer; NYC Taxi Exchange and BroadwayThe L-1 Visa is for Executives or Managers (L-1A), or individuals with Specialized Knowledge (L-1B), who transfer to a US company from a related company overseas. L-1 candidates must establish one year or more of continuous full-time employment for a qualifying company outside of the US. more »


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