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Work Visas

L-1 Visa: Intracompany Transfer

L-1 visa intracompany transfer; NYC Taxi Exchange and BroadwayThe L-1 Visa is for Executives or Managers (L-1A), or individuals with Specialized Knowledge (L-1B), who transfer to a US company from a related company overseas. L-1 candidates must establish one year or more of continuous full-time employment for a qualifying company outside of the US. more »

H1B1 Visa: Chile, Singapore

Singapore 147024108, H-1B1 Visa: Chile, SingaporeThe US-Singapore and US-Chile Free Trade Agreements, which took effect on January 1, 2004, created a new class of temporary work visa for Singaporean and Chilean citizens, the H1B1 Visa. The H1B1 requires a US job offer in a “specialty occupation.” Qualified beneficiaries may obtain the H1B1 directly from a US consulate in Singapore or Chile without first making an application to USCIS. more »


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