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Work Visas

L-1 Visa: Intracompany Transfer

L-1 visa intracompany transfer; NYC Taxi Exchange and BroadwayThe L-1 Visa is for Executives or Managers (L-1A), or individuals with Specialized Knowledge (L-1B), who transfer to a US company from a related company overseas. L-1 candidates must establish one year or more of continuous full-time employment for a qualifying company outside of the US. more »

O-1 Visa: Extraordinary Ability

includinCheering Crowd - dv097093; O-1 Visa: Extraordinary AbilityThe O-1 Visa is available to individuals who can demonstrate Extraordinary Ability in their field of expertise. Three standards exist for the O-1, depending on the area of endeavor. The most difficult standard is “extraordinary ability,” for Sciences, Education, Business or Athletics. “Extraordinary Achievement” in Film or Television has an intermediate degree of difficulty among the three O-1 standards. Finally, the least challenging O-1 visa standard is “Distinction” in the Arts. more »


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