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Employment Based Green Cards

Physician NIW Green Card

Surgeons in Operating Theater 200470801-001; Physician NIW Green CardPhysicians in pursuit of permanent residence in the US may be exempt from the PERM labor certification process if they meet requirements for the Physician National Interest Waiver (Physician NIW) green card category. more »

Work Visas

Physician H1B Visa

The Physician H1B Visa is a temporary work visa that allows a Physician H1B Visa holder to work at a sponsoring US employer. The H1B Visa is often considered preferable to the J-1 Visa because it carries no 2 year Home Residence Requirement. (The J-1 Home Residence Requirement always attaches to J-1 Visa Physicians who provide direct patient care, and it can be very difficult to waive.) more »

Student, Research and Training Visas

J-1 Visa: Exchange Visitors

writing on glass wall 82821233; J-1 Visa: Exchange VisitorsThe J-1 Visa category is for Educational and Cultural Exchange Programs designated by the US Department of State, Exchange Visitor Program and Designation Staff. The J-1 Visa Program is designed to promote the exchange of persons, knowledge, and skills in the fields of education, arts, and sciences. more »


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