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About USCIS Processing Times

Updated December 9, 2014 in Processing Times,
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Pocket Watches 110908324; About USCIS Processing TimesThe pages in this section contain USCIS Processing Times. The USCIS Regional Service Centers handle certain employment-based and family-based US immigration applications and petitions as well as e-filings, but they do not provide US immigration information services. more »

VSC Processing Times: USCIS

Updated June 21, 2017 in Processing Times,
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Budapest East Railway Station 145987318 VSC Processing Times: USCISBelow is the updated USCIS VSC Processing Times chart as of April 30, 2017 (posted June 14, 2017), with Form Number, Form Name and Processing Times for all of forms processed at the USCIS Vermont Regional Service Center (VSC). Note that not all USCIS offices process all types of immigration cases. more »


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