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Online I-94 for Travelers Arriving at US Land Ports of Entry

Online I-94, Train in motion Online I-94, Train in motion

Online I-94, Train in motionTravelers arriving at US land border ports of entry can speed up US entry with an online I-94 application. The online I-94 application process involves providing biographic and travel information and paying a $6 fee up to seven days prior to entry.
“We continue our commitment to transforming the international arrivals experience with this new I-94 offering that expedites entry into the US at land ports of entry, while maintaining the highest standard of security,” said Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske. “This automated functionality increases the efficiency of the entry process and reduces administrative duties for CBP officers—ultimately resulting in shorter waits for travelers requiring an I-94.”

Online I-94 Application Process

CBP will provide a provisional I-94 after a traveler submits an online I-94 application and payment. The online I-94 application will collect information that is otherwise collected in-person at a land port of entry; this includes biographic information (name, date of birth, country of citizenship), passport details, visa details (if applicable), and petition/Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVIS) number (if applicable).

To finalize the online I-94 issuance process, a traveler must come to a land port of entry within seven days of application, submit biometrics, if applicable, and interview with a CBP officer. Travelers should be prepared to show evidence of residence, employment, and/or travel plans, if a CBP officer so requests.

If a traveler does not complete the online I-94 issuance process within seven days of application, the provisional I-94 will expire, and they must reapply and the pay the online I-94 fee again. CBP will not issue refunds if an online I-94 is not issued within the seven day period or if CBP denies a traveler entrance to the US.

The secure I-94 website is easy to use, and travelers can make a payment for the online I-94 with a credit card, debit card, direct debit or through PayPal. Benefits of this online I-94 process include increased efficiencies during processing, decreased paper usage, a streamlined CBP inspection process for the traveling public and reduced operating costs.

What is Form I-94?

Form I-94 provides nonimmigrant visitors evidence of lawful admission to the US, which is necessary to verify alien registration, immigration status, and employment authorization. In May 2013, CBP automated the I-94 in the air and sea environment. The automated system allows CBP officers to create an I-94 Arrival Record within primary and secondary inspection processing systems at the time of inspection with passenger manifest information, thus eliminating the need for paper forms and manual data entry. Automation of the I-94 Arrival/Departure Record has greatly improved the traveler experience while saving the US government an estimated $34.5 million in its first two years.

For more information regarding I-94 land automation or to access an electronic Form I-94, visit To apply for an I-94 online, visit

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