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Temporary Visas

A temporary visa (or nonimmigrant visa) grants permission to visit, study, work or travel in the US for a limited period of time. The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows qualified nationals of certain countries to enter the US for short periods of time for business (not for employment or work) or tourism.
Work Visas
Student, Research and Training Visas
Visitor Visas
Temporary Family Visas

Work Visas

E Visa: E-2 Investor Visa, E-1 Trader Visa

golden egg 117672602 E Visa: E-2 Investor Visa, E-1 Trader VisaThe E visa is for investors (E-2), traders (E-1), and qualified employees of non-US-owned companies. An E-1 Trader Visa or E-2 Investor Visa applicant must be a national of a country that has a commercial treaty with the United States establishing eligibility for the E Visa category, and must have principal investor or key employee status in the qualifying company. Alternatively, a firm majority-owned by nationals of an E treaty country may bring qualified executives, managers or essential employees with the same nationality as the majority owners to work in the US in E visa status. more »

E-3 Visa: Australians

Sydney Regatta 140446842; E-3 Visa: AustraliansThe E-3 Visa is a temporary visa for Australian professionals seeking to work in the US. The E-3 Visa may be issued to Australians with a job offer from a US employer in a position that requires at least the US equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to the job offered. more »


Finger on Glass World Map 140456209; H-1B Visa Status FAQBelow is a H1B visa FAQ for professionals working in the United States. The H1B visa is the most common US work visa category. more »

H1B Visa: Professionals

illuminated keyboard 149269818, H-1B Visa: ProfessionalsThe H1B Visa classification is available for full or part-time employment in the United States. An employer seeking to employ a foreign worker through the H1B Visa category must demonstrate that the offered position qualifies as a “specialty occupation,” and that the H1B worker possesses the qualifications necessary to establish eligibility. more »

I Media Visa

The I Media Visa is a temporary visa for representatives of the information media, including members of the press, radio, film or print media industries. It is generally issued for one year. An I Media Visa is renewable indefinitely. Working media cannot enter the US on a B Visitor Visa or without a visa on the Visa Waiver Program (VWP); they must first obtain an I Media Visa from a US Consulate if they will be working in the US. more »

L-1 Visa: Intracompany Transfer

NYC Taxi Exchange and Broadway, L-1 Visa: Intracompany TransferThe L-1 Visa is for Executives or Managers (L-1A), or individuals who can demonstrate Specialized Knowledge (L-1B), who are being transferred to a US company from a related company overseas. more »

O-1 Visa: Extraordinary Ability

Cheering Crowd - dv097093; O-1 Visa: Extraordinary AbilityThe O-1 Visa may be an option for individuals who can demonstrate Extraordinary Ability in the Sciences, Education, Business or Athletics (the highest standard), “Distinction” in the Arts (the lowest standard), or “Extraordinary Achievement” in the Motion Picture or Television industry (intermediate standard). Note that the standards for the arts and for television and film are lower than that for science, education, business or athletics (the arts standard is substantially lower than that for business, science and athletics). more »

P Visa: Artists, Athletes, Entertainers

Broadway Theater Curtain; P Visa: Artists, Athletes, EntertainersThe P Visa may be a viable option for some artists, entertainers or athletes who do not meet eligibility criteria for the O-1 Visa. Generally, the P Visa requires a showing of international distinction unless the P Visa holder’s activities are “culturally unique.” more »

Physician H1B Visa

The Physician H1B Visa is a temporary work visa that allows a Physician H1B Visa holder to work at a sponsoring US employer. The H1B Visa is often considered preferable to the J-1 Visa because it carries no 2 year Home Residence Requirement. (The J-1 Home Residence Requirement always attaches to J-1 Visa Physicians who provide direct patient care, and it can be very difficult to waive.) more »

TN NAFTA: Canadians and Mexicans

Mexico Beach Tulum 149078006 TN NAFTA: Canadians and MexicansTN NAFTA is temporary work status for qualifying Canadian and Mexican nationals under the North American Free Trade Agreement. TN status is valid for up to 3 years, renewable indefinitely. Unlike the H1B Visa, TN’s have no annual quota. more »