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First Ever LGBT Travel Advisory Issued

Filed February 22, 2013 under DoS and Visa Office, Family, US Consulate and US Embassy , tagged

Frankfurt Airport Germany 149719864The edited text of the US Department of State’s first ever LGBT Travel Advisory is below.

Some countries provide legal protections to LGBT individuals. But, others do not, and a significant number even criminalize consensual same-sex sexual relations. Individuals convicted in these countries could be sentenced to prison, and/or be punished by fines, deportation, flogging, or even sentenced to death. Before choosing an international destination, LGBT travelers should carefully consider the laws and biases of their international destination and decide how open one can be regarding one’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Personal judgment and knowledge of local laws and customs before one goes will help ensure your safety. more »

Immigration Reform 2013: First Look

Filed January 30, 2013 under Legislation , tagged , , ,

A group of US Senators introduced a Bipartisan Framework for Immigration Reform 2013 January 29, 2013, closely followed by the White House’s Blueprint for Immigration Reform 2013 (Full Text; Fact Sheet), introduced January 30, 2013. In addition, another group of US Senators have introduced the Immigration Innovation Act of 2013–I2– (I2 summary; full text of I2 Bill), a complementary plan for immigration reform that includes fixes for various legal immigration issues, including an H-1B cap increase, and changes in temporary visa and green card opportunities for those with STEM backgrounds, among other things. more »

Visa Office Update: September 2012

Filed September 7, 2012 under DoS and Visa Office , tagged , , , , , ,

Delayed sign 96665029The Visa Office (VO) of the Department of State has announced that EB-1 visa usage is at a record high, that EB-2 India is likely to go to 2006 next month and EB-2 China will be somewhat ahead of EB-2 India; and that EB-2 worldwide may be current in October or November. more »

FY2012 China and India EB-2 Limits Reached

Filed April 24, 2012 under DoS and Visa Office , tagged , , , ,

Bamboo, China 154282631The annual Immigrant Visa limits for FY2012 China EB-2 and India EB-2 have now been reached. On April 11, 2012, the United States Department of State (DOS) notified USCIS that they would authorize no further Immigrant Visas for those EB-2 categories. more »

EB-2 Retrogression India, China: May 2012

Filed April 9, 2012 under DoS and Visa Office , tagged , , ,

Ellora Caves, Maharashtra, India 126508043The May 2012 Visa Bulletin announces EB-2 retrogression for India and China. Due to the rapid forward movement of the EB-2 cut-off date in recent months, demand for China and India EB-2 numbers increased dramatically during that period, and at a much faster rate than the US Department of State (USDOS) expected. Therefore, they have retrogressed the EB-2 cut-off date to August 15, 2007, in an attempt to hold number use within annual limits while maintaining availability for countries that have not yet reached their EB-2 per-country limit. more »

EB-2 Priority Dates Retrogression: India, China

Filed March 23, 2012 under DoS and Visa Office , tagged , , , ,

Forbidden City, Beijing, China 126963145EB-2 priority dates for China (mainland born) and India for the remainder of FY2012 will retrogress substantially, according to Charles Oppenheim, Chief of the US Department of State Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting.  More specifically, upon publication of the May 2012 Visa Bulletin, China and India EB-2 priority dates will retrogress to August 15, 2007. more »

EB-2 Priority Dates to Retrogress: India, China

Filed March 16, 2012 under DoS and Visa Office , tagged , ,

Dragon sculpture, China 78254411EB-2 priority dates for India and China are likely to retrogress in the May or June 2012 Visa Bulletin, according to Charles Oppenheim, Chief of the US Department of State’s Visa Control and Reporting Division, which oversees visa priority dates. So, those with EB-2 priority dates that are current in the April 2012 Visa Bulletin should file the I-485 (the final stage of the green card process) as soon as possible to ensure acceptance before this probable retrogression.

Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act (HR 3012) Passed in House

Filed December 16, 2011 under Legislation , tagged , , , , ,

Capitol Building Washington DC 148230663Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act (HR 3012) passed in the US House of Representatives November 29, 2011, by a vote of 389 to 15, with considerable bipartisan support. The Act would eliminate the US employment-based per-country cap on green cards entirely by fiscal year 2015, and it also raises the family-sponsored per-country green card cap from 7% to 15%. After it passed, the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act then moved to the US Senate, where it was immediately halted the following day, November 30, 2011, by Senator Grassley (R-IA), who placed a hold on it. more »

I-140 Premium Processing Resumes, With Some Exceptions

Filed June 22, 2009 under USCIS and DHS , tagged , ,

Speed motion in highway tunnel 104118986As of June 29, 2009, I-140 Premium Processing Service will resume, with a few exceptions including the EB-1 Multinational Executive Manager and the EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) categories. more »

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