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I-9 Central

Filed May 14, 2011 under USCIS and DHS , tagged ,

Diner, Route 66, USA iStock_000005630654XSmallOn May 13, 2011, USCIS launched I-9 Central, a new online resource center dedicated to the most frequently accessed form on, Form I-9, Employee Eligibility Verification. This free website provides one-click access to various resources, tips and guidance on the completion of Form I-9 and on the Form I-9 process. more »

US Immigration Benefits: Japanese Nationals

Filed March 17, 2011 in Temporary Visas, under USCIS and DHS , tagged , ,

Cherry Blossoms Japan 101465068As of March 17, 2011, in light of the recent Japan earthquakes and tsunami, USCIS has issued a reminder of US immigration benefits available to Japanese nationals upon request.  USCIS understands that a natural disaster can affect an individual’s ability to establish or maintain lawful US immigration status. Temporary relief measures regarding US immigration benefits for Japanese nationals may include: more »

Japan Visa Extension: Earthquake

Filed March 11, 2011 in Temporary Visas, under Immigration News, USCIS and DHS , tagged ,

Temple Garden, Kyoto, Honshu, Japan 200366242-001On March 11, 2011, USCIS issued a notice for Japanese and other Pacific region nationals stranded in the US due to the recent earthquakes and tsunami permitting a visa extension in certain situations. Those who have exceeded or are about to exceed their authorized stay in the US may be permitted up to an additional 30 days to depart from the US. To obtain such additional authorized stay, see instructions below. more »

H-1B Visa Registration System Proposed starting March 2012

Filed March 3, 2011 in Temporary Visas, under USCIS and DHS , tagged ,

US Visa, iStock_000001070079XSmall.jpgUSCIS has proposed a new H-1B visa registration system for US employers planning to file H-1B visa petitions that are subject to the annual numerical cap. This H-1B visa registration system will require prospective H-1B employers to file an electronic registration for each H-1B visa petition with USCIS prior to filing that H-1B visa petition. more »

E-Verify Self Check System Introduction

Filed February 17, 2011 under USCIS and DHS , tagged ,

Supreme Court, Columns, Washington, DC iStock_000000229793XSmallThe US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has proposed a self-checking version of their E-Verify Employment Verification System tool. DHS created the E-Verify Self Check (Department of Homeland Security/United States Citizenship and Immigration Services—SORN DHS/USCIS—013 E-Verify Self Check System of Records) to assist US individuals in verifying their own legal US work authorization. more »

USCIS Immigration Fee Increase 2010

Filed September 30, 2010 under USCIS and DHS , tagged ,

Digital Design dv862022USCIS has announced a United States immigration fee increase of approximately 10% on most US immigration petition types except for naturalization (US citizenship), which will take effect on November 23, 2010. Fees for USCIS Premium Processing have also been increased from $1,000 to $1,225 per petition. more »

Additional H-1B Visa, L-1 Visa Fees Effective

Filed August 20, 2010 in Temporary Visas, under USCIS and DHS , tagged , , ,

57th Street, NYCAdditional H-1B visa and L-1 visa petition fees required by new legislation (PL 111-230) targeting certain Indian information technology companies are effective immediately. The new fees will remain effective through September 30, 2014. more »

O-1 Denials Investigated

Filed August 10, 2010 in Temporary Visas, under USCIS and DHS , tagged , ,

Wall of granite blocks Great Zimbabwe Ruins 139393655Due to an outcry from immigration practitioners, the film industry, the performing arts community and various research institutions, in the summer of 2010, USCIS has been investigating O-1 visa and P visa denials and requests for further evidence (RFEs), which have increased dramatically over the past 18 months.  more »

FY-2011 H-1B Visa Petitions: First Filing Date

Filed March 11, 2010 in Temporary Visas, under H-1B Cap Count , tagged , ,

Calendar 140375290USCIS will begin accepting FY-2011 H-1B visa petitions subject to the FY-2011 H-1B cap on April 01, 2010 (the government fiscal year 2011 begins October 01, 2010 and ends September 30, 2011). more »

FY-2010 H-1B Cap Reached

Filed December 22, 2009 in Temporary Visas, under H-1B Cap Count , tagged , ,

road closed detour 100926503The FY-2010 H-1B cap (for new H-1B visa employment beginning October 01, 2009 – September 30, 2010) has been reached as of December 21, 2009, and that is the final receipt date for FY-2010 cap-subject H-1B visa petitions. more »


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