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US Embassy Caracas Resumes Issuance of B-2 Tourist Visas

On April 29, 2014, the US Embassy Caracas (Venezuela) announced that they have resumed limited issuance of B-2 tourist visas for first-time B-2 applicants. This announcement came a month after US consular officials abruptly suspended issuance of B-2 tourist visas. The US Embassy Caracas reports that they remain understaffed, but that the arrival of additional consular officials along with the expectation of more reinforcements for the Embassy has allowed them to open a limited number of appointments for B-2 tourist visas. To make an application for US B-2 tourist visas, see the US Embassy Caracas Nonimmigrant Visa web page.

In March 2014, the US Embassy Caracas stopped accepting appointments for B-2 tourist visas following the Venezuelan government’s expulsion of three US consular officials for allegedly helping to spur anti-government protests in Venezuela. (See US Embassy Caracas Suspends New Tourist Visa Issuance.)

United States officials have dismissed the Venezuelan government’s charges. However, US officials have noted that the expulsions of United States consular officials and the Venezuelan government’s consequent failure to approve entry into the country for newly assigned US diplomats has prevented the US Embassy Caracas from keeping up with demand for US visa services at the post.

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