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US Visa Interview Wait Times Drop in Brazil

Amazon, Brazil 116281545 Amazon, Brazil 116281545

Amazon, Brazil 116281545US visa interview wait times at US consular posts in Brazil now average two weeks or less in Brasilia, Recife, and Rio de Janeiro, and less than 30 days in Sao Paulo, the Department’s busiest nonimmigrant visa processing post. Brazil is a key market for US tourism and a major focus of the Department of State’s efforts to streamline the US visa process and to facilitate US tourism.

By adding staff, extending US visa interview hours, and expanding facilities, the Department of State has dramatically reduced longer US visa interview wait times experienced at the height of the busy season in summer 2011. Now more than ever, qualified Brazilian tourists can more easily travel to the United States, and year-over-year demand for US visas remains high. In January 2012, the US Mission Brazil processed more than 86,000 US visa applications, an increase of 60% over January 2011. Most Brazilians receive visitor visas valid for short visits, and allowing for multiple entries.

Recognizing the importance of tourism to the US economy, the Department of State continues to refine the US visa process in major markets to help attract more visitors to premier US travel destinations without compromising border security. Streamlining visa processing supports the Department’s “Jobs Diplomacy” initiative to promote America’s economic renewal.

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